"Knowledge Dispels Fear"

If, like me, you don’t want fear to get in the way and prevent you from achieving your goals and dreams you may be familiar with this topic.

Throughout my career I have conducted very dangerous training, visited very dangerous places and done fairly dangerous things in those places and I’m still here to write this.

I’m not a believer in luck. Early on in my career, and I suppose life, the risk was managed for me, more latterly and currently I very much do this myself.

It’s logic and common sense, that rather than bury our heads in the sand and hope for the best, we acknowledge the risks and put measures in place to mitigate these.

Your life is no different and nor is your security. But this is what many people do, putting their blind faith in the law of averages and luck rather than acknowledging the risks and mitigating them. These people are soft targets.

Perhaps wealth has snuck up on you, perhaps your circumstances have changed quickly or perhaps your job sees you visiting countries and places you are unfamiliar with.

At BluSkills we firmly believe and promote, having a plan. And that’s what we do for you, although you can definitely do some of this yourself.

We take a look at your life and the risks you face from the outside, a perspective you may not take, but a critical one. It’s important to understand that a criminal may make assumptions based on what they see, such as, big house or nice car and to them this may equal, lots of jewellery or lots of cash on site. This may not be the case but that doesn’t stop that thought process.

Some of the risks you face are generic, and others are very specific to you. Once identified, we look at how we can mitigate these risks. Quite often this is done simply and cost effectively with procedures, some of our services are aimed specifically at doing this for you.

The key part to this process is honesty. Acknowledging to yourself what risks exist and you face. The strength and confidence then comes from knowing you have addressed these risks, even if that means you’ve used us to do it on your behalf.

A great example of this is parachute school. There is nothing, at first glance, logical about jumping out of an airworthy plane and relying on a piece of material to carry you safely to the ground.

This is where I first heard the phrase, “knowledge dispels fear.” This simple phrase, to me, embodies risk management. Be honest with yourself. Knowing you have identified and addressed the risks you face and are ready for them, empowers you to feel safe in your home, out and about or jumping out of a good aircraft.

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