Evasive Driving - Not always sexy

When you think of evasive driving techniques what is the first thing that comes to mind? Handbrake turns? Reverse 180's? The Transporter?

We all want to practice these moves, they're pretty sexy and great fun to do and to teach. But in the real world are we going to use them? Current vehicle technology designed to keep us safe makes it more difficult to execute these moves, with the vehicle constantly fighting against our desire to unbalance it.

I was taught, and subsequently teach that evasive driving is the early recognition of a potentially hazardous situation and the taking of early appropriate and controlled avoiding action. This could be a simple drive around the threat, reverse away from the threat, even an early stop short and turn around.

This video of an attack in London shows an attempt at the "fast reverse." It's not sexy, but it is effective and quite possibly one of the few the manoeuvres you will use if you have to use evasive driving in anger one day. It also shows what can happen if you get it wrong, all be it with a little help from the follow car.

Uploaded by American Dreamer on 2018-03-12.