Are you committed to excellence? 

At BluSkills we are committed to delivering security through excellence. Our business succeeds through highly motivated, proactive and skilled individuals across the business who love what they do and take pride in delivering the best that they can.

If this sounds like you, then we would love to hear from you. Carry on reading to find out how you can become a member of the BluSkills team.


In the first instance please send your CV and covering letter to ADMIN@BLUSKILLS.CO.UK

telephone interview or video call

Successful applicants will pass forward for telephone or video call screening. This is an opportunity for us to discuss you, your experience and your skills in more detail, fill any gaps we may have and answer any questions you may have on the process and the role.


Meeting in person allows us to look at you in the flesh, get to know you even further and make a decision about if you should progress to the competence phase.



In the competence phase we take a closer look at you are your aptitude for the role.

assessment day

The assessment day is an opportunity for you to take a look at the company and for us to gauge your suitability and potential. This is a full day which will include a physical assessment (field roles), literacy and numeracy assessment along with theory and practical scenarios.

physical assessment - [field roles]

Protection roles can ultimately demand high levels of physical fitness. It is not only a requirement by the SIA that operators are fit to conduct their roles, but goes without saying that the best protection officers take pride in being fit and capable individuals, after all your Principal is counting on you.

Our fitness assessment tests key areas directly related to protection roles. This will highlight areas where you may excel or where you may have fallen short. You will then be provided with feedback as well as exercises which will help you develop your fitness. 

Find out what is included in our assessment here

literacy & numeracy - [field roles]

It is a requirement of the role that operators can demonstrate they are numerically competent and literate.

theory scenario - [field roles]

It is important that we understand the level of knowledge you have of security in general. Our theory tests will allow you to demonstrate your security approach and level of understanding. Based on realistic scenarios you will identify vulnerabilities and suggest mitigating measures.

Practical scenario - [field roles]

Seeing you operate as part of a team, on the ground is a great way for you to demonstrate your competence. Rotating through a variety of roles over the day will give the opportunity to build on your performance throughout the earlier stages. The practical scenario also allows us to identify potential opportunities for future training and leadership potential.



The screening process is a critical phase where we check your background, references and look for potential vulnerabilities including integrity.

medical fitness- [Field roles]

The first part of the screening process, you will need to either obtain or supply a certificate from your GP or health clinic to demonstrate that there are no underlying health conditions. Unknown or neglected issues could place our clients at the very risk we try to mitigate.


You will be required to undertake background screening to BS7858:2012, the industry standard. This will identify if there are any potential issues which could leave you vulnerable to being leveraged or influenced and assess your suitability for work in a security role. You may already have a level of clearance or certificate but it is currently the duty of the employer to ensure they satisfy these criteria.

integrity interview

You will undertake an interview where we will explore various aspects of your life, current and past. Our investigation experts will analyse your responses and make recommendations as to your suitability for employment.



The final phase of the process is our induction training.

induction training

This training is role specific training as well as general training around BluSkills, what we stand for, our mission and our values. Following this training you will be ready to start working with us.


We believe in continued improvement and learning. For field roles it is a requirement to complete regular annual training to maintain currency and develop competency levels. Much of this training is conducted in house using our instructors or subject matter experts with elements of external training.