Security Chauffeur - A considered approach to your safety

After leaving the Military I undertook a Close Protection course overseas with the aim to continue my security career in the UK.

The first role I undertook was for the leader of a FTSE 100 listed business as a Chauffeur/Bodyguard. The leader I worked for was a security conscious and proactive individual which made the role very rewarding.

This was the start of our Security Chauffeur service. In this role my security background repeatedly enabled me to think of the bigger picture and to outperform other regular chauffeurs despite the fact many of them were excellent chauffeurs.

I reformed policy and procedures at our head office, working in partnership with the on-site security department right through to improving the domestic security measures all while ensuring outstanding service and safe transportation.

So, what does a security chauffeur offer me over my regular chauffeur, I hear you ask?

Firstly, we deliver the excellent customer service you expect from your chauffeur along with the safe progressive driving that comes from advanced drivers. This allows you to either relax and recuperate from a hard day or maximise your productivity from the comfort of your vehicle.

Next, we take the time to get to know you. We carry out a risk assessment which includes your medical needs. How many times have you been asked if you have allergies by your chauffeur?

So why do you we need this information? Correctly assessing the risks you face is key to our service. You may think, there are no risks to me. There may be a risk from an allergy or from a planned or opportunistic crime. Wealth can be a powerful motivator, being a business leader could lead to threats and attacks from disgruntled employees or activists, depending on your activities, through to political beliefs and memberships, again powerful motivators.

Knowing this information will help us identify in what direction the threat may come, where from, who from and how. Threats may fluctuate at periods, threats received through difficult periods of business for example, but we can be proactive at these times and upscale security or modify behaviour where appropriate based on the risk rather than reacting post incident.

If you’re looking for a chauffeur, the chances are you spend a large amount of time on the road. You visit unknown places, you may visit high crime areas, you travel away from your local area and away from the security of your home. This is another area where a security chauffeur steps in.

BluSkills carry out extensive planning before any journey. Why? So we can make sure we have a plan, a plan to keep you safe, a plan in case something goes wrong. We know where the nearest police stations and medical facilities are along the route and at your venues, we look at the area we are travelling to, consider the activities you are undertaking. We will even conduct reconnaissance where appropriate. All this means a more efficient, safer service.

Planned crimes will almost certainly have a period of surveillance, even if short. Whether this is a planned burglary or the theft of a vehicle, a criminal will want to observe the target before exploiting it.

Security chauffeurs are surveillance aware, we look for and draw out surveillance in order to identify the potential for a planned or opportunistic crime, whether this be a follow home to steal your car or valuables, through to a suspiciously parked car monitoring activity and watching your routines at your home or office.

BluSkills conduct ourselves in a proactive security conscious manner that aims to deter those looking to exploit you as an easy target and allow you to escalate your security in time.

Finally, and importantly are the trustworthy operators that deliver your service. They are highly trained, highly experienced and have a proven track record of integrity and discretion They are vetted to industry standards so you have full knowledge you are in safe hands.

A crime may happen to you it may not, but that is a gamble. By using a BluSkills security chauffeur you are taking a calculated step to ensuring both yours and your family’s safety

BluSkills provide a range of security services. To find out more about our services and how we can help you get in touch with us here today.