Rehearse your way to safety

At BluSkills we provide our clients with a number of services. One of the services that we regularly deliver is security guidance, assessing a home’s security looking at its potential vulnerabilities, taking in to account the lifestyle of those living there and making recommendations as to how to improve the security, focussing on procedural measures.

A big part of improving the security of a person or family is the introduction of these procedures and the introduction of emergency procedures for events such as fire, break-in or attack.

Producing these procedures is the easy part. In our experience the key to the success of these procedures lies in the rehearsals and testing. Running through the procedures has a number of benefits.

Proving the procedure

Does it work? It is only when we start running through an emergency procedure that we can truly prove it; how long did it take to lock down the house, was it feasible to get to a safe room, did you take your phone to the safe room and so on? At this point if required we can make amendments and refine the procedures.

Reinforcing the procedure

It is one thing to read an emergency procedure in a procedure document, it is another to put it in to practice under pressure. Rehearsing your emergency procedures has the benefit of proving the procedure and cementing it in your mind, so that should the worst happen, you will know what you are doing, where you are going and who you are calling.

Eliminating denial

It has been discussed by many people including Freud that humans can use denial to rationalise a situation and reduce stress and fear. By rehearsing you are accepting that you face a risk, building in triggers for positive actions and making the likelihood of you reacting in a timely and positive manner much greater.

In 2011 a friend and colleague of mine was aboard a vessel when it was attacked by Somali Pirates in the Indian Ocean. The four unarmed security operatives on-board, co-ordinated a withdrawal to the ship's safe room, prevented the pirates from accessing the ships citadel and subsequently taking control of the vessel.

This is a great example of mitigating an undesirable event through a well rehearsed procedure and although it took place on a ship in the Ocean the principles are exactly the same. 

I wanted to know if he felt rehearsals had contributed to their successful protection of the crew and vessel.

“Having experienced the value of well rehearsed emergency procedures first-hand, I for one will never underestimate their significance. Having been on the receiving end of a Somali pirate attack in the Indian Ocean with nothing but non-lethal defences at one’s disposal, well drilled emergency procedures were quite literally the difference between life and death. Predicting people’s reactions in times of distress and uncertainty is an unmastered art. Yet rehearsals go some way to addressing this unpredictability. They provide all parties with a real-time understanding of their role and responsibilities in any given event. Without such understanding, chaos could quickly ensue and compromise the successful outcome of the situation.”

You can’t be sure when or even whether you may face a situation where you need to act quickly and decisively to protect your family, yourself or your property. Hopefully from this example you will see the benefits that having a well rehearsed plan can deliver.

If you feel you want or need assistance with your home security don’t hesitate to get in touch with BluSkills today.