Delivering Security Through Excellence

Welcome to bluskills, here's a little about the company and why your security is our passion...

BluSkills was formed on a wealth of experience derived from delivering both simple and complex security solutions at home and abroad in sometimes challenging environments.

We have seen our security expertise, drawn from activities such as multi-agency close protection operations, security chauffeur services and commercial security management combine with high levels of customer focussed service; deliver a first-class product to our customers.

We operate with these values at the heart of our service

Ambition - Our desire to take on new challenges, be the best in our field and deliver the best service to you.

Integrity - You place your trust in us which is a big deal and this isn't a one way relationship. We aim to act with the utmost integrity and honesty at all times.

Hard Work - We will work hard for you. Taking the easy option isn't and shouldn't be in our vocabulary.

Loyalty - Being one of our customers isn't just a transactional relationship. We build personal, professional relationships. These relationships ensure we go further for you.

Achievement - We strive to excel, delivering on our commitments to you and aiming to exceed them.

Our aim is to provide you, the customer with a complete 360º security solution. In order to do this our company and operatives are trained, accredited and vetted to the highest possible standards. 


BluSkills are certified in close protection by British Standards. For over 100 years they have led the way in industry standards. While there is no current requirement for accreditation in this area, we have chosen to embrace it for a number of reasons. British standards are industry respected assessors and having an external assessor helps us to demonstrate to you that we are committed to industry best practice as well as providing the highest levels of service. Regular assessments ensure that our business is being run effectively, continually improving and has an effective quality management system in place.


BluSkills operators are known well and personally to us. Those who aren't have come highly recommended by those we know or have proved their character and background through our selection process. 

All operators at BluSkills have been through a thorough vetting process in accordance with BS 7858:2012, the standard for vetting and screening in the security sector. This process is not only good practice but in the majority of cases is a condition of insurance, invalidating a business's policy if not conducted.


We believe training is the heart of delivering a first class service. Many providers and individuals may not have revisited, refreshed and developed their personal skills set for some time. They may not even be aware if their operators are in date to practice skills such as first aid. This can lead to reduced performance and although it may not be seen every day on the surface, it may reveal itself in an emergency situation when needed the most. 

Regular training ensures that our operators are at the top of their profession. Many organisations shift this responsibility to their employees and sub-contractors, we however believe it is our duty to provide up to date, skilled and physically fit professionals in order to deliver the best service to you.

We have designed comprehensive training programs for our operators. A mix of both theoretical and practical training, designed to ensure and maintain the highest standards as well as develop our operators.  We keep training records for all our operators and these records are available to both current and prospective clients to view on request. 

We look forward to working with you soon.