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What comes to mind when you think of a chauffeur? Man wearing a hat, suit, white gloves and driving a limo? Think again, BluSkills' security chauffeurs are not your average driver.

We take this further with our security chauffeur service and combine the principles of close protection with a first class chauffeur service. All of our chauffeurs have a security background and are intensively trained in progressive, evasive and emergency driving techniques along with critical location and route planning to ensure your safety no matter the situation. We operate your vehicles and provide you with an exceptional, low profile, security aware service. 





Being wealthy, heading a business or perhaps working in a controversial industry can attract the attention of criminals, activists or disgruntled employees to name just a few. We provide you with piece of mind, facilitating your travel and providing first class customer service whilst mitigating yours and your family's exposure to harm and your businesses exposure to risk or reputational damage.


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BluSkills undertake thorough planning of all engagements. We carry out personal risk assessments looking at lifestyle, opportunity and medical risks faced by you and your family. We plan every task thoroughly. We plan for emergencies, we know the nearest A&E and Police station on route right through to your favourite coffee brand. Why? Because our philosophy is to always set the standard higher. 

Detecting surveillance, spotting a follow on the route home or noticing a change in atmospherics around your home, these are just a few potential indicators that a crime or action against the client or client's property will occur. BluSkills can adapt your service at short notice to react to a change in threat level or circumstance. Whether this is additional security chauffeurs, our close protection service or residential security guidance, we remain flexible for you.

BluSkills can manage your vehicle fleet, keep detailed records of your vehicles condition and mileages should you require them. We can alert you when servicing or tax is due and keep your vehicles looking their best. We can also supply vehicles on request.  


Experience has proven the benefits our low profile service provides. For an insight in to what our operators do for you take a look at our BLOG. We look forward to working with you.