Many people become the victim of crime at home or the office, the theft of a loved family pet, a break-in to steal the keys to your car or damage to your property from a disgruntled employee. All of these events can have a psychological impact on you and your family as well as incurring a physical loss.

BluSkills specialises in providing expert security assessments focussed on identifying and eliminating any weaknesses and preventing future threats. Whether you are moving to a new property, have recently purchased one or feel your security could be improved BluSkills can help you. 

Our Security Guidance service includes:

  • Lifestyle risk assessment

  • Security Survey

  • Detailed Report

  • Recommendations

  • Testing


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Initially we will meet with you to discuss your specific requirements. It is important for us to understand how you currently lead your life and what level of security presence you would be happy with. With this in mind we then conduct a risk assessment of you, your family and your premises. You and your property are inextricably linked, your social media habits may present the opportunity to a savvy burglar, a business registered to your home address may give a disgruntled employee a start point for their retribution or that obvious large fence may attract an opportunist.

Our in depth survey will look at your current security situation as well as the local area and other influencing factors. This will usually take a day depending on the size of the premises, ideally this will include a degree of night work to gauge the measures in place during the dark hours. It is not strictly necessary for you to be present for the survey but it may be beneficial for you to be on hand to answer questions regarding your property and routine.




Following the survey a comprehensive report is produced outlining any weaknesses and identifying ways in which they can be eliminated. Once the report is compiled we will meet to discuss the results, the recommendations made and review and agree on potential policies. This is an important step to ensure everyone understands the purpose of the policies and buys in to the security system. Following the finalisation of the system we will test the procedures put in place to ensure your solutions are 100% right for you and your family. This involves the real time audit and exercising of your procedures and your emergency procedures. The testing of these procedures ensures they are cemented in your businesses or your families mind leaving you better prepared should they be needed.

We recommend the regular auditing of properties to avoid any lapses in security and to pick up any changes to lifestyle. Audits are a great way to ensure procedures are being followed and security measures being employed are successfully working.