It feels like I have come a long way since 2001, the year I started my security career and joined the Royal Marines, the United Kingdom’s amphibious troops of the Royal Navy, widely recognised as one of the world's elite commando forces. Throughout this career I operated in hostile theatres, across the globe, at reach and often in small groups. It is the dedication to excellence and integrity that runs through the core of the Royal Marines, that underpins the way we think and operate at BluSkills today.


My time in RM spanned a period of intense activity in overseas operations for the United Kingdom following 9-11, targeting terrorist training and operational cells, protecting the populace, press and the UK’s interests. These operations led to the use of training, techniques and risk analysis processes which are directly implemented today, in our security strategies and in your protective security solutions.

With a drive to protect people, I have trained in close protection with the Military and Ronin South Africa. Ronin SA are recognised as one of the security industry’s leading close protection training providers, conducting high level, realistic training and live medical support from their base near Cape Town, South Africa. This location supplied an excellent, challenging learning environment with real world threats from firearms, knife attacks and car-jackings being commonplace and necessitating the requirement to carry firearms on training tasks. Not something many training providers can replicate.

Since then I have deployed on private maritime security operations in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. Operating in small teams, training, coaching and protecting crews and their very high value vessels of oil and chemicals from piracy. I have worked closely with C-Level executives of FTSE 100 listed businesses, facilitating and protecting key business leaders and owners from a variety of threats and I have tackled the challenges of security management in the challenging retail sector.


“I have a huge amount to thank the Armed Forces for, these times and experiences shaped and guided me. As such we have committed to the Armed Forces covenant”

Since I founded BluSkills in 2014, leading a business of extremely talented security professionals, we have worked tirelessly to keep our clients safe from harm while providing them with excellent levels of service.

The business has been committed to excellence since its formation. BluSkills undertook the British standards product certification in close protection, 1 of 5 service providers in the UK to hold this certification, a quality management standard and our lead in to the highly recognised ISO9001 certification.

I have a huge amount to thank the Armed Forces for, these times and experiences shaped and guided me. As such BluSkills have committed to the Armed Forces covenant. This is our pledge to acknowledge and understand that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families, should be treated with fairness and respect in the communities, economy and society they serve with their lives.

A member of the Institute of Directors and Connect Yorkshire business support groups, I am ensuring BluSkills is a robust and successful business, which continues to protect people and their property long in to the future, in what is currently a challenging and evolving security environment.